WEK Students Take First Place in National PUMA Competition

Congratulations to Year 8 students Noa, Bretny and Hoda for being crowned the winners of PUMA's Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Competition.

As part of the competition, they were required to design, create and market sustainable sports wear for international brand, PUMA. WEK ended up with two groups of students in the final (Kaiyue, Diya & Kashish and Noa, Bretny and Hoda), after beating thousands of others from across the country. They both gave fantastic final presentations with Noa, Bretny and Hoda going on to win the competition.

The winning entry was a unisex athletic top. Although the girls were not able to use an actual sustainable material due to lack of resources, they included extensive research in their presentation about turning plastic into material through a special heating process, which was their intention for the garments.They chose a design that was unisex and brightly coloured to attract both men and women to buy it, and they tie-dyed the T-shirts themselves.

Since their impressive first place victory, they have visited PUMA's head office to collect their prizes and meet the judges. They talked about a sustainable future for fashion and how creatively the girls approached the competition. 

We are so proud of their achievement!

(Pictured are the girls wearing their design.)

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