Sixth form at the academy

Sixth Form - Post 16

The sixth form transition is an exciting one, as it is an opportunity for our students to not only to progress on a personal level academically, but to develop their interpersonal skills by becoming the leaders of our student community. We believe that each student deserves the best possible support in their transition through Post 16 education and this handbook will assist in setting our students off on that journey into Year 12 and 13. It also will highlight the expectations and high standards we have of you in Sixth Form...

Thomas Moriarty 

Head of Sixth Form


This is an exciting time for GEMS Wellington Academy - Al Khail as we prepare the way ahead for our post 16 students to aspire to become who they want to be, hence our strap line ‘Who are YOU becoming?’...


Top Ten Highlights of Our Unique Sixth Form Offer 

We have put together ten things that you might not know about our Sixth Form provision which collectively helps us stand out from the rest in ensuring all our students get a truly first-class British education.  


  • 1

    All subjects are taught by experienced and specialist iBTEC and A level teachers from the UK.  

  • 2

    Small class sizes mean that students benefit from very personalised teaching and support. 

  • 3

    Students benefit from state-of-the-art facilities including a purpose built Sixth Form Centre offering areas to work independently of the teacher.  

  • 4

    Students and their parents benefit from receiving ‘real time’ academic performance data through our online Go4schools platform removing the problem of having to wait for news about achievements in school. 

  • 5

    Students benefit from daily access to a Careers and College Counsellor and the team at My Path Way to Uni providing expert support and guidance as they progress to University and employment. 

  • 6

    All students have a personal tutor to support them with their pastoral care ensuring they feel ready, equipped to learn and succeed. 

  • 7

    Students gain from an extensive enrichment and internship programme ensuring they are able to offer future employers or universities more than just a great set of A level and BTEC results respectively.  

  • 8

    Student athletes in swimming and football benefit from our elite sports programme to improve technical and physical performance and gain internship experience. 

  • 9

    All students participate in our complementary programme to enhance independent learning skills and prepare them successfully for University study.  

  • 10

    All students can take up a range of leadership positions such as peer mentoring, sports teams, `Sixth Form council (including Head Boy and Girl), school improvement and across a range of extra-curricular activities. 


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