Early Years Centre Nursery

A Leader in Early Years Childhood Education

  • Outstanding Facilities

    Purpose-designed nursery provision for children aged 2-3 years old

  • Connectedness & Trust

    A strong sense of community and belonging

  • Student-guided Curriculum

    Learning driven by child-led discovery and play

  • Curiosity & Discovery

    The WEK Nursery instills a love for learning from a young age

  • Continuity & Learning 

    Seamless transitions into the Foundation and Primary Stages

  • Reputation of Excellence

    Part of the outstanding WEK Early Years Centre

Your child is at the center of everything we do!


The child is at the centre of everything we do. Our experienced staff are passionate about early years development, providing children with a wide range of play-based experiences which allow them to explore, create, problem-solve and express themselves in different ways. We tailor our environments and curriculum to meet the needs, strengths, next steps and interests of every child. Adults are co-learners in the child's play and interactions with the world, encouraging them to discover for themselves and follow their own interests and lines of enquiry.

Reggio Inspired

Our Reggio Emilia inspired setting provides a child-centered and holistic approach to early education. We utilise natural resources, natural light and texture to create a nurturing shared environment where children feel confident and happy. Our purpose-built play areas aim to offer a "home away from home" for your young child, with a comforting and cosy feel throughout. Our environments are language rich, and staff are trained to promote rapid early language development. Children are encouraged to express themselves in a variety of ways throughout the day, including movement, drama, dance, drawing, painting, building and sculpting.

Parent Partnerships

At the nursery, we strive to create a strong sense of community. We value the interactions and connections that children have with one another, adults and their environment. We work in partnership with parents to celebrate children's early achievements and foster strong links between the home and nursery setting. Daily interactions with families help to inform our curriculum and create new opportunities. 

Social Development

We foster a sense of responsibility and respect, encouraging children to develop independence and self-confidence as they interact with others and develop their own unique personalities. Our carefully designed indoor and outdoor learning spaces support positive relationships and collaboration within the community. 

Links With The Curriculum 

Across the year, we use early years observational checkpoints to monitor milestones over time, providing a smooth and gradual pathway into the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum for England. 



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