Parent Portal and Parent Logins

Assessment Portals

Parents' understanding of the progress students are making in class is exceptionally important. We provide parents with 24-hour access to student progress and report information. It is important that this information is personalised for each phase of the school, which is why we use different portals depending on the age of the child. Click below to access each portal.

Extra-Curricular Activities Bookings

All students have access to 100+ ECA activities and sports squads each term. To support parents with registering and scheduling these, we use Schoolsbuddy (click to access).

Primary Home Learning Padlets

Each Primary year group has its own padlet webpage which contains year-group timetables and home learning. Primary home learning focuses heavily on developing student fluency of the core skills through retrieval practice, spaced practice, and the interleaving of learning. Click the icons below to access the padlets. 

Find out more: Retrieval Practice Video, Spacing Practice Video, Interleaving Video

GEMS  Applications

As part of the GEMS community, parents also have access to GEMS-wide services via the GEMS Connect app, GEMS Rewards App and GEMS for Life website. GEMS Connect makes updating and accessing school-wide information easy, while GEMS Rewards provides exclusive discounts and rewards to the GEMS community. The newly launched GEMS for Life provides support to students not only while they are at school, but also after they've left.