We live in a world of increasing automation and ubiquitous A.I. Emerging technologies are growing at an exponential rate and disruptive innovations are having an impact on all aspects of human life. Here, at GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail, we make it a priority to prepare our students with the future skills and transformative competencies they need to survive, thrive, and excel in this newly emerging world. Our future-focused curriculum offerings are unique, relevant, and inspiring. Staff professional development is a high priority – especially in the area of edtech and the neuroeducation. Education is becoming a science and staff at WEK are at the forefront of this revolution.

At the Academy, we recognise that innovation is the process of finding creative solutions to problems that have a positive impact on the school and all our stakeholders. We focus on innovation in several areas of school life including: school organisation & school management; curriculum; pedagogy; edtech; classroom design (including virtual spaces); assessment; timetabling; partnerships (with universities and industry); staff recruitment; and professional development. Below are a few highlights related to innovation and future learning at the Academy:


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