Sixth Form (Aged 16-18 years)

Post-16 Overview  

We offer A level and BTEC Level 3 qualifications in Years 12 and 13 (Sixth Form). The Year 12 timetable for Muslim students includes two compulsory lessons of Islamic Education. Students registered under Arab passports will study Arabic for three lessons per week and complete the Ministry curriculum and subsequent internal assessments. 
*Students will study a minimum of three and a maximum of four subjects in both Year 12 and Year 13. 

AS and A Level 

A levels have been described as the ‘gold standard’ of post-16 examinations and they are accepted as an entry qualification into all the best universities around the world. A levels are particularly well suited to students who have particular strengths in 2 or 3 areas of the curriculum and wish to study them further in greater depth. The A level is examined at the end of Year 13. The AS level is a standalone qualification taken at the end of Year 12 and cannot be counted towards the A level. Assessment is 100% examination at the end of Year 13.  

International AS and A Level  

International A levels are also recognised by all the top universities worldwide. International A levels are similar to A levels but they have a more flexible, modular structure than A level and the syllabus content is designed to have greater international relevance. Unlike AS level, international AS level modules can be retaken to try to improve a student’s score. The AS is half the content of the A level and counts towards the final A level result. It is taken at the end of Year 12. Assessment is 100% examination.  

BTEC Level 3

The BTEC International Level 3 is in tune and up-to date with the latest content relating to industries such as Information Technology, Applied Science, Business, Sport and Performing Arts. The heart of the qualification focuses on students putting their learning into practice. They learn through real-life scenarios, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to succeed in whatever progression path students choose in the future. 

The UK exam board (Pearson) have worked with employers to develop these qualifications, to help ensure that the BTEC International Level 3 is recognised by employers, universities and Ministries of Education around the world. As well as U.K. universities, BTEC International Level 3 qualifications are endorsed by universities in Canada, New Zealand and Australia, opening up even more opportunities and progression pathways for students. Students are able to combine their studies with A Levels, progress to higher education, or start their careers with life-long transferable skills. The flexible structure of iBTECs allows students to explore sectors before deciding their future path. The courses are international, so if personal circumstances change during a BTEC course, students can continue studying in a different country.

Ministry of Education Curriculum for Muslim and Arab Students 

The Year 12 timetable for Muslim students also includes two compulsory lessons of Islamic Education. Students registered under Arab passports will study Arabic for three lessons per week and complete the Ministry of Education curriculum and subsequent internal assessments.

What makes our curriculum different?

Our approach to the curriculum is very different to that of other schools in the UAE. We begin year 12 by building a personalised and individual support system that provides the best possible platform for students’ success. Our philosophy here at the Academy is centered on the development of the whole child ensuring they can not only succeed in the real world but thrive in it.  

In year 12, our students embark on our Academy education and life skills programme that helps our students to develop life skills and an aptitude to face every day extraordinary situations with more confidence, accelerates academic performance and helps the school to promote the social, moral, cultural and spiritual development in all our students. We are proud in knowing that this programme ensures our students develop the qualities that they need to flourish in their chosen pathway and beyond both in higher education and the world of work. 

Curriculum Maps

We would like to share with you our curriculum overviews for each year group. These documents will provide you with detailed information about what your child will be covering over the academic year for each subject.

Key Stage 5 Curriculum Year 12

Key Stage 5 Curriculum Year 13



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