BSO Report

GEMS Wellington Academy - Al Khail is an "outstanding" school and provides an "outstanding" quality of education for pupils from 3 to 18 years.

GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail has once again been awarded an "Outstanding" rating following its recent British School Overseas Inspection. This rigorous process ensures that educational standards are comparable with independent school standards in the UK.

The inspection identified the following key areas of strength:

"GEMS Wellington Academy, Al Khail is an outstanding school and provides an outstanding quality of education for pupils from two to 19 years."

"The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding across the whole school. It contributes to pupils of all ages and abilities making rapid progress and achieving consistently high standards in all subjects. School leaders show commitment in their drive continually to raise teaching quality through well-established and rigorous quality-assurance processes. Teachers are well qualified, with strong subject knowledge and an understanding of how pupils of different ages learn."

"The quality of the curriculum is outstanding. The curriculum is broad and balanced, allowing pupils to explore their passions and interests. The different pathways give pupils the skills and qualifications needed for the next stage in their education." 

Click here to review the full British School Overseas Report.



GEMS Wellington Academy - Al Khail is very proud that it has been awarded membership of COBIS (Council of British International Schools Overseas).

This is a mark of global quality-assurance following our British Schools Overseas Inspection in January. Our membership of COBIS will provide opportunities for our staff and students in terms of training, events, competitions and activities alongside schools in a global network.

We are very proud of this recognition of our growing success as a British School Overseas and we look forward to the new opportunities and experiences that our membership of COBIS will provide us with.

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