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Sixth Form

Horizons Week and Work Experience  

Horizons Week is a unique feature of WEK, and is a key component in our delivery of a full and broad curriculum. Horizons Week provides the opportunity for students to challenge themselves with new experiences and learn from a diverse range of activities which often lie beyond the scope of our academic and co-curricular programmes. Here at WEK, we strongly believe that what happens outside of the classroom is just as important as what happens in it.  

Year 12 students will have the opportunity to take part in activities from helping local communities in Kenya to taking part in Duke of Edinburgh expeditions in Nepal. During this week, students will also have the opportunity to participate in work experience to further enhance their portfolio. The expectation is that students take ownership of their own placement and will be expected to find their own placement. 

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme 

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is a well-established programme which provides our students with access to this internationally recognised and well-regarded award. The majority of our Sixth Form students complete the Silver Award in Year 12, with the students traveling on an overseas expedition to Nepal. This is undoubtedly a real highlight of their time in our Sixth Form. The Silver Award includes sections in volunteering, physical and skills development, as well as an expedition and residential component. 

Sports Leaders Award 

The PE department offers Sixth Form students the opportunity to complete the Level 2 UK Sports Leaders Award. Focusing on guided and peer-to-peer learning, this award develops effective communication and organisation whilst equipping the students to lead basic physical activities to younger students, their peers, and adults. 

Model United Nations (MUN) 

The school runs a successful MUN and debating club. Although supported by staff, this programme is largely operated by an elected Sixth Form Secretary General and MUN directors. The club members will represent WEK at a number of local MUN and debating competitions and these students are responsible for coaching the younger students to develop skills and attributes required to be successful. 

Global Futures Curriculum 

The Global Futures Curriculum (GFC) is a bespoke programme for high school students co-created by GEMS and Singularity University. The GFC provides students with the insight, conceptual framework and tools to understand, and succeed in, a rapidly changing society.   

The GFC at WEK consists of ten 2-hour modules for students aged 14-18. The programme allows students to understand the nature of exponential technologies (Genetics, Nanotech, Robotics, Quantum Computing, Augmented and Virtual Reality, 3 D printing, Brain Mapping and Brain Scanning, Sensors etc.) and how to leverage it for their future success in a world of accelerating change.   


Students following an IBTEC Career Related Pathway will also gain access to an internship programme. This will mean students having the opportunity to gain weekly access to dedicated work experience and by doing so, learn from the experts in their field. 

To do this, a bespoke programme will be developed for each student to allow time out of school and in their work placement.  WEK, with the support and extensive network of GEMS Education, is currently developing various partnerships with local industry. 

Universities will naturally be interested in students who have first-hand work experience to go along with their BTEC qualifications.  

Performing Arts 

A rich and prolific range of performance opportunities are available to every student at WEK. The Music and Drama Departments host a thriving programme of co-curricular events encompassing a variety of activities that encourage and challenge the large numbers of students that regularly participate. 

From grand scale productions for all ages to smaller ensemble pieces and a house drama competition, there is plenty to be involved in.  

Performing arts at WEK enables students to develop essential life skills: physical and vocal self-confidence, the social disciplines of working in a group, an extended emotional range, development of creativity and a respect for the work of others. 

The department has an enviable reputation for the quality of its public performance work and original writing. Past performance projects have included the Wizard of Oz, Annie, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Hairspray, and the most recent Mary Poppins. Students can also opt to be involved in technical theatre, costume and front of house roles. Theatre productions, for many of our students, form the highlight of their year. The passion, talent, care and support that goes into the making of our theatre projects is inspirational and always unforgettable. 

Sixth Form Theatre Company

This complementary study will be an opportunity for students to express and channel their creativity into some acting. They will  collaborate together to put on a theatrical performance that will help develop their confidence, build new friendships, and challenge them to develop new skills.


Dance is a dynamic qualification which encourages students to develop their creative and intellectual capacity, alongside transferable skills such as team working, communication and problem solving. All of these are sought after skills by higher education and employers and will help them stand out in the workplace, whatever their choice of career. Students will explore choreography, performance and critically appreciate set works.

Self Development

Students will pursue personal growth by improving personal skills, competencies, talents and knowledge. They will  work on a variety of skills, including time management, meditation, setting goals and much more.


This is an extended project on a topic of the student's choice. They will choose the topic and teachers will help them to find an appropriate question to answer. Students will then research, plan and carry out their project, providing evidence of each step.

Law Society

This complementary study is for students who plan to study law at university. They will write law related articles, debate law, learn about the different routes into law, and learn about UK/US/International Law.

Medical Society

This complementary study is for students who plan to study medicine at university. They will learn about the different ways to apply to medicine, UCAT, MSAT and some other letters. Students will also debate medical findings, which can be uses during the interview process.

Book Club

Book Club offers students the chance to read books as a group and discuss with one another. They will read non-fiction, fiction, extracts, scripts as well as books and authors of their choice. There will be theory, creativity and reading. 


A chance for you to work on yourself including time management, meditation, trying new techniques, setting goals and much more. This is a chance for you to shape your own development.


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