Post 16 Elite Sports Progammes

Sixth Form

Wellington Performance Football Centre

The GEMS Wellington Performance Football Centre (WPFC) provides talented young footballers a holistic, full time student athlete programme. The Performance Centre has been designed to mirror the ethos and comprehensive training schedule of professional football players. 

Why join the Wellington Performance Football Centre?

  • Train and study as a full time student athlete
  • BTEC and A-Level pathways of study
  • Year round games programme
  • Bespoke timetable
  • University pathway links
  • Exit routes into further education in USA/Europe 
  • Exit routes into senior football
  • Comprehensive player development programme
  • GPS analysis player tracking systems
  • Periodised training programme 
  • Exposure to professional scouts

Additional Benefits

  • Training in world class facilities and UEFA A coaching 
  • Media training
  • Match and training kits
  • Internships
  • PR opportunities
  • FA coaching qualifications (additional cost)

Swimming Centre of Excellence

The Academy provides  students an outstanding environment to achieve excellence in education alongside an Elite Swimming Programme. Working alongside Hamilton Aquatics, GEMS Wellington Academy - Al Khail is ensuring students' individual needs are met to fulfil their busy training schedules alongside school expectations and demands.

Why join the Swimming Centre of Excellence?

  • Bespoke Curriculum – as students progress through school they will have a streamlined curriculum to ensure they have time and support within the school day to complete class and homework.
  • Pastoral care and support to ensure students are managing their schedules and maintain excellence in swimming and their education.
  • Understanding from class teachers of pressures and demands in swimming for elite swimmers.
  • Regular communication between school and home regarding performance in school.
  • Additional Hamilton Aquatics training as and when it can be fitted into schedules and as Hamilton Aquatics see necessary.
  • Transportation provided at the end of the day for students swimming in a different location after school.
  • Storage for all swimming equipment onsite.
  • Comfortable environment to work after school before onsite afternoon/evening training

Additional Benefits

  • Training in our world class pools and facilities
  • Media training
  • Match and training kits
  • Internships
  • PR opportunities


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