Student Agency and Innovation

For students to aspire, create and excel in a world that is, so that they can help build the world of tomorrow, they need to develop the skills and attributes required to enable this to happen. Student agency is the driver behind this. We want students to leave our school as self-determining, self-regulating individuals who believe in their purpose in life, understand they have control over their destinies and have crafted pathways through school and into the future that enable them to succeed.


Student agency is about ensuring students are given choice, voice and ownership during their time at school and develop the ability to ‘know what to do when they don’t know what to do’. It’s about creating acknowledgement and ownership of their own progression, attainment and success and developing a growth mindset around these three aspects. Student agency also contributes to wellbeing as students have input into creating a community where all members have a sense of ownership and belonging.


Student agency at the Academy is developed through:

·       Executive student leadership team and school councils

·       Wellbeing champions

·       Eco warriors

·       Student led assemblies

·       Student feedback on teaching and learning

·       Goal setting and mentoring

·       Development of perseverance, initiative, time management, communication and adaptability


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