Life at the Academy

Sixth Form

Thanyani Mantsha (Head Boy 2022-2023) 

My focus as head boy is to create an atmosphere in which all individuals feel included, students and teachers alike. I also want to give students more opportunity to explore their academic passions and interests. My hope is for people to find themselves in this school and have a good work environment. My last goal would be to bridge communication between teachers and students, not only for students to voice their thoughts, but to hear the thoughts of teachers towards the students as well. I hope the students in the school have a wonderful experience under our leadership. We are both delighted to welcome you or to welcome you back to our Sixth Form.

Thanyani Mantsha, Head Boy 

Melissa Avci (Head Girl 2022-2023) 

As Head Girl, I will ensure that the family feeling we have here at the Academy remains and will foster the strong bond between Primary and Secondary. Additionally, I will encourage everyone to actively partake in a leadership role by creating and assigning more student leadership roles to promote responsibility. Moreover, I will ensure each student feels at home and is proud of calling themselves an alumnus of the  Academy by promoting positivity, growth and inclusivity. Finally, I will ensure that everyone's voice is heard to allow us to maximise our experience here at the Academy and encourage everyone to be a life long learner. I am looking forward to being a part of and leading the ESLT team that will leave behind a great legacy at the Academy.

Melissa Avci, Head Girl 



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