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Sixth Form

Achieving the very best grades possible at Post 16 is more than just about the learning that takes place in the classroom. In order to be a high achieving student, we strongly believe that they must possess a set of non-cognitive skills and key characteristics which will lead to educational success. At GEMS Wellington Academy AL KHAIL, we believe your mindset and skill set can be developed and enhanced throughout your studies, allowing for a successful transition into the pathway of your choice.  

Drawing extensively on academic research and classroom experience, we have adopted a system that supports student learning, helping every learner become the best they can be. We have highlighted 5 key components to success which can be developed in all students.  


By possessing all 5 elements of VESPA, it will lead students to meet their true potential and achieve academic success. The VESPA programme is an integral part of our curriculum which is delivered by specialist staff. 


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