Rachel Higgins

Principal & Local Advisory Board Chair

I am privileged to be the Principal at GEMS Jumeirah Primary School and have been with the school since 2003. During my tenure, I have continuously driven school improvement across school and looked for areas of development. The school has been Outstanding for over ten years and to remain there has taken innovation, initiative and evolution. During my 19-year tenure at the school, I have held a variety of leadership posts allowing a deep understanding of the current strengths and future needs of the school from every lens.

As a leader I am passionate about diversity and celebration of the unique. I continually encourage JPS children and staff to ‘Rewrite their Stars’ in the quest to discover their talents. I strongly believe there is an incredible person within each and every one of us, it takes trust, motivation and support to provide a platform from which others may take a leap of faith.
In order to best support all learners, I have worked as a coach and mentor for two FS1 – Y13 British Curriculum schools in Dubai during the past three years. This role has allowed the schools to develop the concept of High-Performance Learning at every phase from FS – Key Stage 5.

I know that every learner deserves an incredible education and I thoroughly enjoy supporting schools to strive towards this goal. Everyone should feel part of a wider family in a community that embraces each other and celebrates differences