Selecting Courses

GEMS Wellington Academy, Al Khail offers a broad range of subjects to appeal to students of all abilities and interests.


♦   Consider subjects you enjoy and currently do well in.  Give some thought to choosing subjects that you have not studied before but don’t be tempted to choose them just because they are new. Make sure you have the skills, knowledge and aptitudes which are suited to the study of those subjects. Consider carefully your CAT4 profile and any bias you may have. 

♦   Listen to the advice of your teachers.

♦   Don’t choose a subject or pathway because your friends have. Choose what is right for you.

♦   Research which subjects are required or benefit the career you may wish to pursue. You don’t want to discover that you can’t access the right career you want because you don’t have the right BTECs or A Levels.



A Levels are recognised and respected by Universities and employers as the ‘academic gold standard’ of international qualifications around the globe. They strongly support entry into traditional professions such as medicine and engineering, and with the right combinations of subjects also provide high levels of flexibility for individuals who are still deciding on a specific University course and career pathway. At WEK, we offer:

Art and Design (Edexcel)

Biology (AQA)

Chemistry (AQA)

Computer Science

Design and Technology - Product Design (AQA)

Design and Technology - Textiles and Fashion Design (AQA)

English Language (AQA)

English Literature and Language (AQA)

French (AQA)

History (AQA)

Media Studies (AQA)

Music (Edexcel)

Physics (AQA)

Psychology (AQA)

Spanish (AQA)

International A-Levels

International A levels are also recognised by all the top universities worldwide. International A levels are similar to A levels but they have a more flexible, modular structure than A level and the syllabus content is designed to have greater international relevance. At WEK, we offer:

Business Studies (Edexcel)

Economics (Edexcel)

Geography (Cambridge)

Mathematics (Edexcel)

Sociology (Cambridge)

International BTEC Level 3

The BTEC International Level 3 is in tune and up-to date with the latest content relating to industries such as Technology, Biomedical Science and Business, Sport and Performing Arts. The heart of the qualification focuses on students putting their learning into practice. They learn through real-life scenarios, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to succeed in whatever progression path students choose in the future.

The UK exam board (Pearson) have worked with employers to develop these qualifications, to help ensure that the BTEC International Level 3 is recognised by employers, universities and Ministries of Education around the world. As well as U.K. universities, BTEC International Level 3 qualifications are endorsed by universities in Canada, New Zealand and Australia, opening up even more opportunities and progression pathways for your students. Students are able to combine their studies with A Levels, progress to higher education, or start their careers with life-long transferable skills. The flexible structure of iBTECs allows students to explore sectors before deciding their future path. The courses are international, so if personal circumstances change during a BTEC course, students can continue studying in a different country.

From September 2020, we will be offering the following qualifications:

Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship


Performing Arts

Information Technology

Applied Science

Please note: The availability of courses will be dependent on sufficient demand of students.