Programme Features

Highlights of our Swimming Centre of Excellence

Providing students with outstanding environment alongside an elite swimming programme

Features of the programme include

  • Bespoke Curriculum – as students progress through school they will have a streamlined curriculum to ensure they have time and support within the school day to complete class and homework.
  • Pastoral care and support to ensure students are managing their schedules and maintain excellence in swimming and their education.
  • Understanding from class teachers of pressures and demands in swimming for elite swimmers.
  • Regular communication between school and home regarding performance in school.
  • Additional Hamilton Aquatics training as and when it can be fitted into schedules and as Hamilton Aquatics see necessary.
  • Transportation provided at the end of the day for students swimming in a different location after school.
  • Storage for all swimming equipment onsite.
  • Comfortable environment to work after school before onsite afternoon/evening training.

To learn more about the the Academy's Swimming Centre of Excellence, click here for a School Tour.


Scholarships for Elite Swimmers are available. Students applications for a swimming scholarship will be reviewed by the swimming scholarship committee. Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis. The programme will be reviewed every year to ensure continuous excellence.

To be eligible for renewal, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain required grades in all subjects.
  • Maintain course pacing requirements, completing courses on time without extensions.
  • Meet attendance requirements as identified in the student handbook.
  • Participate in all mentoring meetings and activities unless excused by the mentor.

Awardees must agree to represent their school in their area of specialism.

To learn more about Scholarships for Elite Swimmers, request a call back here.

Swimming Centre of Excellence

The Academy is providing students an outstanding environment to achieve excellence in education alongside an Elite Swimming Programme