Subject Overviews and Pathways

Sixth Form

At the Academy we offer over 30 subjects for students at Year 12 and Year 13.

Sixth Form offers three different pathways:

  • AS and A Level
  • International AS and A Level
  • BTEC and BTEC qualifications

Our Sixth Form offer is underpinned by some core principles:

Accessibility: To ensure that students of all abilities and interests can select a combination of qualifications which they will find accessible and give them access to Higher Education institutions and the workplace.

A commitment to skills and service alongside the acquisition of knowledge. Sixth Form students will be expected to develop an awareness of their social responsibility and contribute to their own community and/or the broader community in which the academy is situated.

Greater responsibilities and freedoms for our Sixth Form students. Student leadership will be an important part of what we expect from our Sixth Form students, but alongside this will be greater freedoms, so that students are prepared for the independence they will enjoy at university.

A Level and International A level Qualifications  

As a guideline, students must achieve a Grade 6 in five GCSE or equivalent subjects to be able to study A Level-qualifications here at the Academy. However, due to the academic challenge of English, Maths and Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), students must achieve a Grade 8 at or above at GCSE in these subjects.  

Currently, we offer twenty-two different A Level/International A Level subjects, providing a great variety of choice for students allowing us to build a programme that meets their needs. Most of our students will study 3 subjects as universities will look for a student’s best three results.  A student may choose a fourth subject if necessary or if a university demands it for a specific undergraduate course. It is therefore important to check this with our resident college counsellor before selecting the A Levels to study.  

The Difference Between A Levels and International A Levels 

Both are known and accepted by the best universities around the Globe. International A Levels are modular in nature, have an international content and are examined throughout the two years of study. A student may therefore complete a re-sit (although not recommended) providing this can be planned into their programme of study so that they don’t fall behind.  A Levels are linear in nature meaning that examinations are completed only at the end of the two years of study.  

We do not run AS qualifications. Students will however, sit rigorous ‘internal examinations’ at the end of year 12 to establish current performance and help us provide universities with accurate predicted grades.  

International BTEC Level 3 Qualifications 

The entry requirement for iBTECs at level 3 require 5 GCSEs at Grade 5 and above. iBTECs are a more practical, career-related international option and pathway to university and employment.  Students are required to build a portfolio of coursework throughout the two years. Work is externally moderated by Pearson (Edexcel) but there is no external examination.  

Currently we offer 5 International BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma and Diploma qualifications worth the equivalent of one and two International A levels respectively.  



Pathway A 


International Career Related 

Pathway B 


Mixed International Career Related and Academic  

Pathway C 



Entry Requirements 

5 GCSEs at Grade 5 or above 

5 GCSEs at Grade 5/6 or above 

5 GCSEs at Grade 6 or above (Grade 8 for Maths, English and Science) 


Year 12 and 13 Qualification Structure 

International Level 3 BTEC Diploma and Subsidiary Diploma (3 A Level equivalent) 


1 Diploma and 1 subsidiary Diploma in another subject 


A double Diploma in two subjects 


International Level 3 BTEC Subsidiary Diploma with 2 A levels or International Level 3 BTEC Diploma with 1 A level. 

3 A levels or IALs 



No external Exams 

External exams (A Level) at the end of Y13 and Coursework (iBTEC) 


External exams at the end of Y13.  


Internships / Work placements 

Enrichment or Internships / Work placements 


Future Aspiration 

Higher Education, Apprenticeships and Employment 

Higher Education, Apprenticeships and Employment 

Higher Education including Oxbridge, Russel Group and Ivy League 

Subject Options 


GCSE Grade required 

A Level Art and Design – Edexcel  

6 at GCSE Art 

A Level Biology - Oxford AQA 

8 in Biology or Combined Science. 5 in English and a 6 in Maths. 

A Level Chemistry – Oxford AQA 

8 in Chemistry or Combined Science. 6 in English and a 6 in Maths. 

A Level Computer Science  

Grade 6 at Computer Science  

A Level Design and Technology – Product Design – AQA 

It’s recommended that students have the skills and knowledge associated with GCSE Design Technology and a grade 5 in Maths  

A Level Design and Technology – Textilesand fashion design – AQA 

Grade 6 at Textiles and Product Design and a Grade 6 at Maths 

A Level Drama and Theater studies – Edexcel  

5 GCSEs at Grade 6 or above including English 

A Level English Literature and Language - AQA 

At least grade 7s at GCSE/iGCSE English Language and English Literature 

A Level English Language - Oxford AQA 

At least a Grade 7 at GCSE/iGCSE English Language and a 6 in English Literature 

A Level English Literature - AQA 

At least a Grade 8 in both GCSE/iGCSE English Language and Literature 

A Level French – AQA 

Grade 6 or above at GCSE 

A Level Government and Politics - Edexcel Grade 6 or above in English Language 

A Level History – AQA 

Grade 6 or above at GCSE along with a Grade 5 in English 

A Level Core Mathematics - Edexcel Grade 8 or above in Mathematics 

A Level Media Studies - AQA 

5 GCSEs grade 6 or above and a Grade 6 at English  

A Level Music – Edexcel  

A least one instrument at Grade 5 (ABRSM) standard or above. 5 Grade 6s at GCSE.  

A Level Physical Education - AQA 

Grade 6 at GCSE PE 

A Level Physics - Oxford AQA 

8 in Physics or Combined Science. 6 in English and a 6 in Maths. 

A Level Psychology - AQA 

Grade 6s in GCSE English and Maths  

A Level Spanish - AQA 

Grade 6 or above at GCSE Spanish 


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