About Us

Welcome to GEMS Wellington Academy - Al Khail

Opened in September 2013, GEMS Wellington Academy-Al Khail is an international world class school dedicated to fostering a passion for excellence in learning and in life. We provide rich and relevant learning opportunities based on the highly successful GEMS Wellington Schools academic learning model.

For the 2018-19 school year we are accepting Foundation Stage – Year 12 registrations, and will grow over the years to be a full FS-Year 13 school. We are excited to be opening Year 12 in September 2018 and we have developed an exciting post-16 curriculum, details of which you can find under the Learning tab.

There is an expectation that all students aim to excel and make significant progress well beyond age-related expectations. Children learn in inclusive and creative learning environments that encourage independence, challenge, curiosity and choice. We are an internationally minded, world class school dedicated to fostering a passion for learning. We provide rich, relevant, international and intercultural learning opportunities to help our students understand the world in which they live and thus the context of their learning. 

GEMS Wellington Academy-Al Khail delivers programmes for learning that are rooted in the National Curriculum for England (NCfE) and enhanced by best practice globally so that students achieve the best possible academic outcomes and develop the habits and competencies which will make them successful lifelong learners.

GEMS Wellington Academy-Al Khail celebrates the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, abilities and skills of all its students, which are drawn from over 80 countries. The curriculum is values-driven and the GEMS core values bring a breadth of vision to the educational programme with extracurricular activities offered. Students learn to make decisions independently and solve problems effectively, and interact positively with others.