Sixth Form Life at WEK

ACE Together – Aspire. Create. Excel


Examinations will take place in January and/or June, depending on the course and qualification. There is a fee for each examination a student takes which is met by the parents of the student. The fee varies from subject to subject and qualification to qualification.


Sixth Form students will have access to the full range of facilities the academy has to offer. This will encompass all ICT facilities, including the Apple Mac suites; the library; the fitness suite and a dedicated quiet room for study.

They will also enjoy sole use of the Sixth Form Centre, a large space which is equipped with a range of facilities, chosen by the students themselves, where Sixth Form students can enjoy their free time. This area has a kitchen area with microwave, fridge and tea and coffee making facilities.

Private Study

One of the major differences between the Sixth Form and other Key Stages is that private study time is built into each student’s timetable. This means that not all tasks set by Sixth Form teachers need to be completed at home. Students who organise their time well can often get much done during the school day.

The WEK Learner profile has become an established part of the academy’s teaching and learning process. Its aim is to encourage students to become independent learners, who can find out things for themselves and engage critically with information to make informed judgments. These skills become particularly important in the Sixth Form, where both the volume and quality of the work a student does outside the classroom has a direct bearing on the outcome of the course they are studying. Working hard is important, but working effectively is equally important, otherwise students may put in long hours without necessarily getting the greatest benefit.

The degree of flexibility a student enjoys as to when and where (s)he studies in school will be dependent on attitude to work and on demonstrating the ability to make efficient use of time outside the classroom.


Sixth Form study is quite different from that in other parts of the school and the transition from Year 11 to Year 12 can be challenging for many students. Here at WEK, we will have in place a strong system of pastoral support and counselling to ensure that students have someone to turn to if they are having difficulties with their work, need university of careers advice or if things happening outside school are having an impact on their ability to do their best work in school. A senior member of staff will have responsibility for the oversight of all areas of the Sixth Form and each student will be part of a small tutor group. The tutor will be a member of staff with experience of teaching in the Sixth Form. This member of staff will be the first point of contact for both parents and students and will aim to get to know them well over the two years of the Sixth Form.

At the start of Year 12 students will go through a Study Skills course to prepare them for the differences between Year 11 and Year 12.