Sixth Form Pathways - Year 12 & 13

WEK Sixth Form offers three different pathways:

  • AS and A Level
  • International AS and A Level
  • BTEC and BTEC qualifications from Sept 2020
  • Our Sixth Form offer is underpinned by some core principles:

    Accessibility: To ensure that students of all abilities and interests can select a combination of qualifications which they will find accessible and give them access to Higher Education institutions and the workplace.

    A commitment to skills and service alongside the acquisition of knowledge. Sixth Form students will be expected to develop an awareness of their social responsibility and contribute to their own community and/or the broader community in which the academy is situated.

    Greater responsibilities and freedoms for our Sixth Form students. Student leadership will be an important part of what we expect from our Sixth Form students, but alongside this will be greater freedoms, so that students are prepared for the independence they will enjoy at university.