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The Secondary School at GEMS Wellington Academy - Al Khail demonstrates performance at a consistently outstanding level and has a deeply embedded set of strongly held values and traditions understood and lived by all the staff, students and parents involved with The Academy. We hold the understanding that every child should be afforded the opportunity to break the glass ceiling when it comes to achievement, and we are proud to offer a variety of pathways to our students that aims to draw the very best progress and attainment from them.  

Gemma Thornley

Secondary Principal


A very warm welcome to the new academic year at Wellington Academy - Al Khail. I am absolutely delighted to be here with you as we embark on an exciting year of growth, excellence and aspiration...


Secondary School Overview

We are a truly inclusive school where no child is left behind. Furthermore, we are outward-looking both in terms of the way we are keen to learn from others and we are constantly looking to challenge our staff and students to strive for excellence both academically and in the enriched curriculum. 

During their time in Secondary, students work towards significant curriculum standards to ensure they are ready for their GCSE or ASDAN examinations at the end of Year 11, and then further education Post 16 with A Level or BTEC pathways on offer. Our expert staff understand that the essential link between aspirations, motivation and independent learning is critical, and we have a developed a consistent pedagogy that allows the development of thinking skills, collaborative learning and an encouragement for students to take part in a variety of formal and informal curriculum choices.   

Leadership and student voice is also encouraged and we want our students to be able to take personal responsibility for making the right choices throughout their time here at The Academy and as a result of the mutual and reciprocal trust between staff and students, our positive behaviour management systems are at the heart of all we do.  

We strive to work in full partnership with parents, sharing information, progress and achievements throughout the year to best support student learning in school and at home. We have three formal parents’ evenings across The Academy year; however, we have an open-door policy and encourage parents to meet teachers frequently to discuss progress and next steps in learning.   


Explore Secondary School

  • Key Stage 3: Years 7-9 

    Our Secondary Key Stage Three curriculum provides uninterrupted continuation from our Key Stage Two Programmes and a very clear progression pathway for our Key Stage Four courses, including GCSEs and IGCSEs. We place high value on our curriculum being balanced and stimulating, fostering an academic culture which encourages students to become independent enquirers and thinkers, learners who read widely, challenge and question. 

    We aim to develop character in our students by ensuring our provision, both curricular and extra-curricular, fully engages them in their learning and that students are confident in developing and applying a range of skills which will ensure they can further their knowledge and enthusiasm across the academic, artistic, cultural and sporting disciplines. 

    The following subjects are taught at Key Stage Three: 

    • English 
    • Mathematics 
    • Biology 
    • Chemistry 
    • Physics 
    • Arabic 
    • Islamic Studies 
    • Social Studies 
    • Geography 
    • History 
    • French 
    • Spanish 
    • Drama 
    • Moral Education 
    • Music 
    • Physical Education 
    • Art 
    • Design Technology 
    • Computing 
  • Key Stage 4: Years 10-11 

    During Year 9, students have the opportunity to choose four option subjects to study at GCSE or IGCSE Level, alongside a number of core subjects. Unless special dispensation has been sought, all students have to take the following compulsory subjects: 

    • English Language 
    • English Literature 
    • Mathematics 
    • Biology 
    • Chemistry 
    • Physics 
    • Social Studies (to year 10) 
    • Moral Education 
    • Physical Education (non-examined) 
    • Islamic Studies (for Muslim students only) 
    • Arabic as a First Language (for Arab passport holders only) 
    • Arabic as a Second Language (non-Arabic students to year 10)

    In addition to this, there are a range of options from which the students select four additional subjects to study. Those students who may commence their GCSE studies with a low level of English may opt for Directed Study. This is a non-examined subject but provides the students with additional time and support for their other GCSE courses and English language development.  

    Directed Study is also offered as an option to late-starters, joining the Academy during Term 1 of Year 10 and for those students who have transferred from a different curriculum, thereby providing these students with an opportunity to make a manageable transition to Key Stage Four at GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail. 

    The option subjects include: 

    • Geography 
    • Business Studies 
    • Enterprise 
    • Psychology 
    • History 
    • French 
    • Spanish 
    • Media Studies 
    • Computer Science 
    • Physical Education 
    • Art 
    • 3D Design 
    • Drama 
    • Music 
    • Design Technology - Product Design 
    • Design Technology - Textiles 
    • Design Technology - Food Preparation and Nutrition 
    • Economics  
    • Photography 
    • ASDAN International Award 

    Students also have the opportunity to take examinations in their home language 

  • Extra-Curricular & Guidance

    Throughout secondary school, students also undertake impartial and independent Careers Guidance, entrepreneurship, cross-curricular studies and Personal, Social & Health Education. All students are encouraged to participate in wider learning opportunities through the many clubs, societies and curricular group projects. Students are given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, and will wider artistic, sporting and cultural events, including day and residential trips to complement in-school learning. 




Explore All Our Curricula

  • Foundation Stage

    Early years learning for children between the ages of three and five. 

  • primary

    Primary School

    Primary learning for children between the ages of five and eleven.

  • secondary

    Secondary School

    Key Stage 3 and 4: Years 7-11

  • sixth-form

    Sixth Form

    We offer A Level, International A Level and BTEC International qualifications during Post 16 education.


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