Zahara Khan

Zahara Khan

Head of Secondary Maths

Dear Parents,


I am delighted to be joining the wonderful team at Gems Wellington Academy - Al Khail in September 2020, as Head of Secondary Mathematics.

I have been teaching mathematics around Britain since 2006 and have spent the last 8 years at an outstanding institution in London, I bring with me my wealth of expertise in ensuring all students reach their full Mathematical potential. I entered the teaching profession, after a brief stint in Banking, to ensure all young people leave school with a comprehensive mathematical toolkit. Over the years having worked with students across the academic spectrum, I know the impact the right support can have. I have found joy in inspiring high achievers and those that have traditionally struggled with mathematics, for me teaching is about looking after every child, every day. In Mathematics you can only achieve if you are constantly striving to get better, in my department that is as true for the teachers as it is for the students. I have already been working with my wonderful team of exceptional Mathematics teachers, keen to help every child succeed on their own unique mathematical journey.


Mathematicians aren't people who find mathematics easy. They are people who enjoy how difficult it is. I strive to equip every child with the attitude, knowledge and confidence to succeed in mathematics.


I love travelling and aspire to visit every continent someday, I’m currently half way there. I am an avid reader, and when I am not watching, reading or doing mathematics, I am likely to be found exploring the other most reaches of the universe in some book or another. Last year I sold my car and bought a cycle, so these days you are very likely to find me zipping about on my beloved bike.


In the Mathematics department you will find a variety of different teaching styles, but you will always see students engaged and making outstanding progress. I hope to build on the department's current successes with engagement and the Maths Hub, allowing students to develop mathematical creativity outside the classroom. My vision for all young people that pass through my classroom or department is that they leave as confident, competent mathematicians with a strong mathematical tool kit they can apply to whatever path they choose.


Bertrand Russell said “Mathematics, right viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty” I hope you will trust me to help your child find, engage with and maybe even create beautiful mathematics.

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