The Academy Learner Profile

Integral to learning at The Academy is The Academy Learner Profile. As part of the academic curriculum for all students, the concept of enhancing learning and life skills, as well as knowledge, is seen as a key priority. The GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail Learner Profile is part of the school’s strategy for developing students’ skills with five aspirational key attributes:

  • Risk Takers
  • Independent inquirers
  • Team workers
  • Critical thinkers
  • Reflective learners

Although we are a British Curriculum School, we also recognise the strengths of a variety of global curriculums, including the International Baccalaureate Programme (IBO). Therefore, integrated within our British Education are what we consider to be the five most important attributes of learning to students at The Academy.  This philosophy of developing great learners underpins all teacher planning and the reflection that occurs at every level of the Academy.

Our ‘Academy Flower’ which you will see throughout the school has five petals. The five petals are the attributes we aim to develop in all of our learners (teachers included!) that will make them outstanding lifelong learners. Developing these attributes we believe will be beneficial throughout a child’s educational, personal and future work life. Having partaken in The Academy learning experience we fundamentally believe that our students will enter a world equipped to be leaders in whatever field their desires may take them, able to overcome challenges and leave their mark in an ever changing global community.   

What is the purpose of The Academy Learner Profile?

  • To help students develop a love of learning in and beyond the school.
  • To help prepare students for life in a rapidly changing world.
  • To build upon the skills embedded in subject lessons.
  • To give coherence and a whole school reference point for the learning strategies taught in subject lessons.
  • To provide students with a clear pathway for developing learning skills throughout their school experience.
  • To place the emphasis on the student to own and manage the process of learning enhancement.
  • To develop resources and lessons which challenge students to engage in the process of consciously developing their skill set.
  • To provide a practical structure for students to realise the qualities of The Academy student.

The 5 Academy attributes - How have they been structured and why?

The Academy Learner Profile incorporates:

  • The school’s aims and values
  • The skills developed during student’s primary curriculum experience
  • The skills inherent in subjects taught in secondary.

Staff Development

At the start of each term, we have whole staff training sessions to introduce The Academy Learner Profile focus for that term. The focus for each term enables staff at The Academy to develop understanding of these attributes and some strategies that can be used to enhance these attributes in students. Although staff have the freedom to develop learning experiences for students that develop any of these attributes at any time, where suitable, we aim for a slight emphasis on the attribute that is the focus for that term.

With our drive to develop digital learning at GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail, iPad training is intrinsically linked to apps and skills which will enhance the five attributes of The Academy Learner Profile.

Horizons Passport

The scheme has been developed to instil aspirations within all our pupils at The Academy.


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