Welcome message from the Principal

Mr. Colin Callaghan

Thank you for your interest in GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail. You will no doubt be familiar with the GEMS group, which has many of the outstanding schools in Dubai. You may know rather less about GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail (or WEK as we like to call it.) We are one of the youngest of the GEMS schools, having opened in September 2013, and this year our oldest pupils moved into Year 10 to start the first of their two years leading to GCSE/ IGCSE. Our youngest children are in FS1.

We share the same core values as all the other GEMS schools, namely:

  • Leading through innovation
  • Pursuing excellence
  • Growing by learning
  • Global citizenship

So what gives WEK its unique character?

First, our focus is very much on student progress, not simply results. Our teaching is differentiated to allow all our students to reach their academic potential, whatever it might be. Each child’s achievements will be different, but they can all make outstanding progress and acquire the skills they need for higher education and the world of work. This approach makes us comfortable in having a much broader and more inclusive intake than the majority of Dubai schools.  Our KHDA inspection praised the school for its inclusivity and the way in which children of all abilities are catered for.

Second, much has been done, working alongside our pupils, in developing the WEK Learner Profile. This highlights the key attributes we want our students to acquire in order to become more effective learners. Our students understand that their progress depends not just on the quality of the teaching they receive, excellent though it is, but also on their ability to be active and reflective learners. They understand their strengths and understand what they need to do to address their weaknesses.

Third, the facilities you will find at WEK are very impressive and what you would expect of a premium GEMS British curriculum school. We are very focussed on getting the most out of these facilities and all our staff are fully committed to providing a range of co-curricular activities so that our pupils acquire the breadth of talents and skills that are the hallmark of a fully rounded education.

I hope the overview of GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail contained on our website will encourage you to come and visit the school. Do look too at our Facebook page, which gives you an idea of the range of activities taking place in the school. This is an ambitious and happy school which we are very keen to show to visitors. Our Admissions Department will be pleased to arrange a personal tour.


Colin Callaghan

Executive Principal and CEO